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Specialists in Residential Block Management

Service charge management

An organised approach to the planning and collection of the service charges; and effectively manage arrears.

Full preparation and outline for the reserve fund plan.

We provide regular billing, and periodic reports of income, expenditure, and cash flow. 

We provide advice on block insurance and other appropriate covers.

Repairs & Maintainance

The selection criteria we use for our contractors guarantees the highest quality of not only the day to day repairs and maintenance; but also the major works, at the best possible prices.

With regular visits & inspections to the building, we ensure that all issues are taken care of and dealt with as quick as possible.

Health & safety compliance

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, we ensure all health and safety measures are followed.


We investigate all areas of the estate & follow up any issues immediately.

We ensure a fire risk assessment is carried out and a fire action plan is always in place.

Long-term plan

At Denar, we pride ourselves on preparing the most effective and detailed long-term plan for your building including cyclical maintenance.

With years of experience, both in London & The UAE, we guarantee that the future of your building's life will be in very capable hands.

We are a family-run business, and are geared towards a successful management process from beginning to end, we do that by treating you as part of the family.

At Denar, we totally understand and solely focus on our client's needs. If you are in the process of reviewing your current managing agent, we can offer an independent assessment of your building and outline any problem areas.

We are also fully fledged members of ARMA, which means your are in safe hands with us as we are approved by them in providing the highest quality of service. 

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Lease compliance 

As part of our setup process, we read the lease, advise and agree with the board on policies and procedures. 

Compliance with the terms of leases is a key for successful management.

Renovating a House

Property inspections

Regular inspections for the site are vital and keeps our team on top of all details.

Unlike many agents, we have an inspection plan carried out by experienced people starting on the first day of managing your building.

Building Plans

Section 20 consultation

Preparing and monitoring major building works not covered by annual contracts, dealing with S20 consultations, including serving the required notices, instructing and liaising with specialist consultants, inspecting work in progress, and handling retentions.


Board support

Advise the board on a suggested management policy as well as providing a status report of financial, and legal matters, procedures, and issues.

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Residential Building

Our Quality is your Value

Improving your long term investment is our sole focus. We rely on a systematic approach and use the latest technology to guarantee you have successful management of your building, ensuring:

  • A detailed service level agreement, setting out what you can expect from us

  • The building is well managed on a day to day basis

  • Service charge budgets are transparent and agreed with leaseholders well in advance 

  • A plan for long-term maintenance of the building

  • Monthly/quarterly reports summary

  • Transparency....No surprises in terms of costs

  • Contractor management 

  • Sensible health & safety practices

  • Clear statement of our fees and any commission we will earn

  • 24/7 Emergency assistance

Anything else you think may be to us and we will happily answer all of your questions.

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Customer Reviews

I had a very easy, smooth, and highly satisfying experience with Denar. They were always very contactable (which can be very frustrating with some agents, and very knowledgable. I never once felt unsure or worried.

Dan Bosch

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